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To all Eagles fans everywhere...

Posted on: September 21, 2009 10:51 am
I've got some wonderful highlights from last weeks' philly fans:

Phillykid413 said:

Kace, you need to take the copper and black colored glasses and beads off and come back to reality.  The Saints have made the playoffs ONCE this decade and it was with A LOT of help from the referees and NFL.  It was such a nice story after Hurricane Katrina, but reality hit the Saints again last year when they went 8-8 and didn't make the playoffs YET AGAIN.  I'm not really sure why you're on here pounding your chest because your Saints are one of the biggest jokes of a franchise in the NFL.  Lincoln Financial Field won't be the Saints' cozy little dome with Astroturf, we play on a real football field, so don't expect to win so easily.S_on_My_Chest said:
Kace, don't get ahead of yourself with all this chest thumping. The number one offense got the Saints nowhere a year ago, as I recall, that offense didn't produce enough points to make the post season. Obviously, you couldn't stop anybody,  so that logic tells me we have more than a punchers chance to win in spite of who takes the snaps. We may not have all the turnovers we had last week, and the Saints may not put up 45 either. These games aint played on paper, so neither one of us KNOWS what's gonna happen.  See you on Sunday.

The End.
PhilliePhan08 said:

Panic against the Aints playing in Philly's home opener?  Hahaha.  Brees put up great numbers last year with a better defense and running game and still finished 8-8.  Last year, Brees and the Aints were 2-6 on the road, only winning at KC and Det - two powerhouses of football.  If memory serves correctly, the Aints only beat two playoff teams last year, SD and ATL.  Aints have to prove they can win against playoff-caliber teams away from their comfy dome before earning my respect.haywoodj said:

 Just remember you aren't facing Detroit's defense this coming weekend and you are playing on the road.  I don't see the Saints come in and cake walk.  Carolina is one of the better running teams in the league with a true #1 receiver and they did nothing.

Although without McNabb you have a better chance.  But if the D and ST's show up like they did yesterday, I'm not worried. 

It's why they play the game.  Good luck!
all-pgh said:

Take it easy kace. If your pretty good with logic you should realize your not going up against a team that was 0-16 last year with a rookie qb and rookie coach. Philly has a lot of offensive weapons and McNabb will play, he just wont be 100%. The Eagles D is the question mark. Thats right , I said it (?). Delhomme basically handed over the game with 5 turnovers and Jackson's punt return should have been nullified because of an obvious clip.sweather2003 said:

 Nothing is funnier than a trash talking Saints fan.and the list goes on and on and on....

To all the fairweather, dilluted reality living, ignorant Eagles fans out there....

From all Saints fans everywhere; we'd like to say "We kicked your ass in your own house in your home opener and there's nothing you can do about it."  You fairweather fans will do what you always do and cry and blame something or someone else, but the fact is; we took it to you.  You whiny crybabies cry when McGlass is in, you'll cry when he's out and truth be told being the fans you are; you'll probably jump ship and root for whoever is currently in first place towards the end of the season (which might just be the Saints).  Being that's probably going to be the case, you are welcome to root for us because that's the kind of loyal, honest, good natured fans we are.

Have a great day!

Drew Brees = MVP
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